Woman dies after childbirth at Mothers hospital owned by actor Mammootty’s daughter,kin allege laxity by doctors,Mammooty and Dulquar Salman face legal action ?

BENGALURU: A healthy mom to be – Aparna S who got admitted to Motherhood Hospital Sahakarnagar Bangalore lost her life as well as the baby’s life on 22nd Oct 2015 due to negligence/mishandling of the situation by the hospital. An FIR has been filled by Aparna’s husband and her brother.The newborn is said to be critical and has been admitted to another private hospital. The hospital management said the family wished the delivery would take place on Wednesday (Ashtami), which is considered an auspicious day. Hospital is run by the famous actor Mammootty’s  Daughter Surumi & and her husband. Since the case registers against the hospital management  the fans of Mammoottty and his Son dulgur salman the famous actors in film industry fears the legal action against them .

Aparna, a resident of Yelahanka New Town, was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday night for delivery. Her family said that since she did not have labour pain, she was given injections for the same later in the day. But by 5.30 am, the expectant mother complained of severe pain and breathing problems. It was then that the hospital began looking for basic needs to treat her, said Aravind, one of her family friends.

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“After she delivered the baby, the staff kept roaming around with the child for 45 minutes without keeping the family in the loop about her condition. It was only later did they inform the family that her condition and that of the child was critical,” he told Deccan Herald.

The woman’s relatives then staged a protest demanding action against the hospital. They also said that when Aparna’s condition had worsened, it was the nurses who attended to her, not the doctors. Even the oxygen cylinder wasn’t kept ready for the patient, they said.Mammooty (1)

The newborn was later shifted to Rainbow Hospitals in Marathahalli for treatment. Aparna formerly worked as a manager at HDFC Bank. Her husband, Chethan, has lodged a complaint at the Kodigehalli police station.

Dr Mohammed Rehan Sayeed, Chairman, Motherhood Hospitals, said the family wished the delivery would take place on Wednesday (Ashtami) as it was an auspicious day. “She had gestational diabetes. As there were no other complications, we decided to go ahead with it,” he said.mother hood hospital

Explaining the woman’s condition, Dr Sayeed said that at the time of delivery, she had amniotic fluid embolism (a condition where the amniotic fluid enters the blood stream). This further led to allergic reactions and hypoxia in both the child and mother, he said.When Aparna S checked into Motherhood Hospitals on Tuesday evening, the family was overjoyed. But things changed in a matter of hours. Aparna died on the operation table at the birthing centre in Sahakarnagar, north Bengaluru, early on Wednesday morning.

Her newborn son is fighting for life at Rainbow Hospital, and her devastated family has accused the hospital of medical negligence. Aparna, 26, a resident of Yelahanka New Town, and a triple graduate working with a private bank, was said to be completely normal when she was admitted to the hospital. “It’s a case of medical negligence. The hospital staff had no trained professionals to handle the case. The doctors claimed there was fluid accumulation in her lungs. They said the baby was also facing complications. He was shifted to Rainbow Hospital,” said Shiva Shankar HR, Aparna’s cousin.mother h hos

“For more than an hour, they didn’t tell us anything. The doctors claim she was bleeding from her mouth. However, when we saw her body, there were no such sign.”

Commotion prevailed in the hospital after Aparna’s family and relatives heard of her death. Aparna’s husband Chethan BV filed a police complaint at Sahakarnagar police station, alleging negligence against Motherhood Hospital. Sahakarnagar police visited the hospital on Wednesday morning. Aparna’s demise came as a rude shock to the family, which was waiting eagerly for the arrival of the baby. The family had recently celebrated Aparna’s baby shower.

Aparna was reportedly given pain inducing medicines (tablets) thrice, at intervals of two hours. “The first dose was given at 10pm on Tuesday, then at midnight and again at 2 am. Early morning, she sensed some pain and also some discharge from the vagina. She was given a bedpan. She didn’t walk anywhere. They realized the baby had passed stool, which was coming out. She was taken to the operation theatre at 5.30am and was brought out dead at 8.30am. Her face was pale and cold. She might have died earlier and not at 8.30am. Though she was taken to the OT at 5.30am, nothing was done for more than an hour as her doctor was not around,” alleged Smitha Naveen, Aparna’s sister-in-law.

Smitha added that hospital staff didn’t take the family’s mandatory consent while conducting a C-section on Aparna.Mother h

The family believes the baby was delivered around 6.30am and is not sure about the time of birth.


Dr Mohammed Rehan Sayeed, chairman of Motherhood Hospitals, denied any medical negligence on the part of the hospital staff. “It looks like a case of pulmonary embolism, a condition that creates a blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries in the lungs. She was brought to the hospital on the evening of October 20, for induction of labour. She was supposed to deliver in the morning and pain-inducing medicine was administered. But she didn’t dilate as expected. Usually in such cases, to initiate labour, walking is suggested. She collapsed while walking and this led to complications. She was immediately taken to the operation theatre and put on a heart-lung machine. Efforts were made to save both the mother and full-term baby. A C-section delivery was conducted and we saved the baby.

Pulmonary embolism can kill a patient immediately, but in her case, we were able to deliver the baby. As the mother had a cardiac arrest just before the delivery, the baby might be suffering from hypoxia (reduced oxygen supply),” he said.

It was a medical condition over which we had very little control, he added. He said it was Aparna’s relatives who were keen on shifting the baby to another hospital. “The patient’s family requested that the baby be shifted. It’s not our initiative,” he said.


Shattered by her death, Aparna’s husband Chethan remained at Rainbow hospital waiting for the baby to recover.

A senior doctor from Rainbow Hospital told TOI the baby’s condition was critical. “We got an alert form Motherhood Hospital to immediately shift the newborn, as high end treatment was required. He is on ventilator and is suffering from respiratory distress,” the doctor said.


According to Supreme Court guidelines, we cannot register a medical negligence case against a medical practitioner as soon as someone files a complaint. For now, we have taken into consideration the complaint given by the family and initiated an investigation. We will look at the evidence we get from the postmortem report, and based on further inquiry, if we find there was an element of negligence, we will file an FIR. There was an emotional scene in the hospital as the patient’s family members arrived to show their solidarity. However, there was no law and order issue.